MyOLSD – Your Guide to Login, Portals, and Resources

Whether you’re a student, parent or educator learning how to effectively navigate your school district’s digital resources is an important part of the academic experience. For the Olentangy Local School District community the MyOLSD portal acts as your central online gateway providing single sign on access to various curriculum tools, communication platforms and more.

We will explore everything you need to know about MyOLSD from setting up your initial account and logging in, to utilizing key apps and portals, troubleshooting tips and maximizing all it has to offer through your personalized account dashboard.

About Myolsd

The MyOLSD portal is an online gateway for students, teachers and parents within the Olentangy Local School District. It provides single sign-on access to various academic resources and services.

Purpose of Myolsd/login Portal

Purpose of Myolsdlogin Portal

The purpose of the MyOLSD login portal is to streamline the digital experience for the OLSD community. By creating a single username and password allows users to access curriculum tools, grades, attendance records, communication platforms and more through one centralized location.

Myolsd Classlink Apps

Via the MyOLSD portal, users can access important classroom apps through Class Link.

Some of the main apps available include:

  • Google Workspace: G Suite for Education including Gmail, Drive, Calendar and more.
  • Olentangy Schools Apps: District-specific tools and information.
  • Schoology: The LMS (Learning Management System) used by OLSD teachers to assign work and communicate.

MyOLSD Contact Details

If any issues arise accessing the portal or linked resources, the OLSD Technology Help Desk can be reached at 614-410-4000 or via email at Physical addresses and phone numbers for each school are also available on the MyOLSD site.

MyOLSD Calendar

By logging into MyOLSD users gain access to key district wide and individual school calendars. This helps keep students, families and staff up to date on important dates like early dismissals, conferences, testing schedules and more.

An Overview of the Local School District in Olentangy

The Olentangy Local School District serves over 22,000 students across 22 schools in Delaware and Franklin counties. It is consistently rated as one of the top districts in Ohio based on student outcomes. More background on OLSD demographics, curriculum, leadership and history can be found on their website.

How Can I Sign Up For The MyOLSD Portal?

To create a MyOLSD account, go to the portal homepage and click the Create Account button. You’ll be asked to enter your name, student ID or employee ID, email and choose a password. District staff can assist with account setup as needed.

Requirement for Login

Requirement for Login

To access personalized student data all K-12 users are required to log into the MyOLSD portal using their provided username and self selected password. Proper use of login credentials is important for maintaining privacy and security.

MyOLSD Login: A Gateway to Educational Excellence

By centralizing the login process, MyOLSD acts as a digital front door connecting the whole OLSD community with important academic tools and resources. It streamlines communication and empowers students, families and staff with easy access to tools that enhance teaching and learning.

How Can Myolsd Password Be Reset for Login?

If a MyOLSD password is forgotten, click the Forgot Password link on the portal homepage. You’ll then be guided through the reset process using personal security questions or contact information on file. District tech staff can also assist with password resets as needed.

Benefits of the Myolsd Portal

Some key benefits of the MyOLSD portal include:

  • One stop shop for essential digital services
  • Simplified and secure login for personal accounts
  • Real time access to grades, assignments and attendance from any device
  • Enhanced communication between home and school
  • Customizable app access for every user’s unique needs

Key Apps For The Myolsd Class Connection

A few core apps accessed through MyOLSD Class Link that are heavily used include:

  • Schoology: The district’s LMS is used daily by students and teachers.
  • Office 365: Includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more for productivity.
  • iReady: Adaptive literacy and math program used K-8.
  • Sumdog: Supplementary math and literacy games for elementary students.
  • Accelerated Reader: Popular reading practice and assessment tool.

Having Trouble Logging Into MyOLSD

If you encounter issues signing into MyOLSD first check that your username and password are entered correctly. If the problem persists, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. As a last resort, contact the OLSD Tech Help Desk for password resets or other troubleshooting assistance.

Chromebook Login

Chromebook Login

Students issued OLSD Chromebooks can log in using their MyOLSD credentials no need for a separate Chromebook password. This links devices directly to the student’s personalized portal account.

Windows Users Can Log In To Schoology OLSD

In addition to Chromebooks, PCs running Windows 10 can also be linked to a student’s MyOLSD account login. See your school tech coordinator for details on joining Windows devices to the OLSD domain for single sign on access.

Olentangy PowerSchool Access

Grades can be viewed via the PowerSchool Student/Parent portal another MyOLSD ClassLink app. Final report cards are also available to download through PowerSchool each grading period.

Key Portals within MyOLSD

Aside from apps MyOLSD itself contains several important internal portals including the Parent Portal, Employee Portal and Student Portal each tailored to respective user groups and roles within the district.

Additional Resources

For any other MyOLSD login or usage questions check the portal FAQ page first. Tech support staff are also available via phone or email. You can find your school office contact info within the portal as well.


The MyOLSD portal provides a centralized starting place for the entire OLSD digital ecosystem. Through single sign on access it helps students, teachers and families easily navigate various academic tools and resources from any internet connected device. With its growing list of ClassLink apps, MyOLSD continues enhancing the overall educational experience for the OLSD community.

Frequently Asked Questions

A password portal is a centralized login system that allows access to multiple secure accounts or services using just one username and password.

Olentangy Local School District (OLSD) is a large public school district located northwest of Columbus, Ohio serving over 22,000 students in grades K-12.

To change your MyOLSD password go to the portal homepage and click Profile in the upper right. Select Change Password and follow the prompts to reset with a new unique password of your choosing.

The MyOLSD Quick Card contains your login username. To log in, go to the MyOLSD homepage and enter your username in the first text field. Then enter your selected password in the next field.

Once logged into MyOLSD go to the Student Portal and select Attendance to access your individual attendance history and any absence notes entered by your school.

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