Myflexbot Review | Enhancing Your Amazon Flex Experience?

Myflexbot can help enhance the Amazon Flex experience. The program uses automated notifications and bookings to try to secure blocks that may otherwise be missed. Rather than constantly refreshing the Amazon Flex app hoping a new block appears it runs in the background monitoring for available slots. 

As soon as an open block is detected this software will send an alert and can even automatically try to book it on the driver’s behalf. This hands free approach allows Amazon Flex contractors to spend less time stalking the app and more time focused on other tasks.

How Does Myflexbot Help Amazon Flex Drivers?

Myflexbot helps Amazon Flex drivers by monitoring the app for available delivery blocks. It watches the app continuously in the background. When an open block appears it is immediately notified. This allows drivers to be alerted to blocks more quickly than checking the app manually.

It also aims to book these blocks immediately on behalf of the driver. So rather than having to rush to reserve an open slot it can try to secure it automatically. This makes it more likely that drivers will actually be able to work blocks they want before they are taken by other contractors.

Automated Notifications of Available Blocks

Myflexbot monitors the Amazon Flex app and sends push notifications directly to the driver’s phone. These alerts appear immediately when a new block opens up. The driver receives a message with the details of the available block like the time approximate area and how long they have to book it.

Some key details are visible without even needing to open the Flex app. This allows drivers to be made aware of opportunities more instantly than if they had to regularly check the app themselves.

Automatic Bookings Remove the Need to Refresh

Rather than just notifying drivers it can also automatically attempt to reserve open blocks on their behalf. If enabled the program watches for available slots and instantly tries to book them using the Amazon Flex credentials linked to the account.

This saves valuable minutes that could result in a block being taken while the driver manually reserves it. For drivers who aren’t always glued to their phones automatic bookings remove the need to refresh the app endlessly. It tries to secure opportunities proactively in the background.

Spend Less Time Monitoring and More Time Driving

One of the biggest benefits of Myflexbot is the reduction in time wasted monitoring the Amazon Flex app. Drivers no longer have to continually pull down to check for updates or stare at their phones between deliveries hoping for a notification.

It handles this monitoring process off in the background. It alerts the driver only when worthwhile blocks are available. This frees up a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent refreshing manually. Drivers can spend less hours sitting idly and more time making deliveries or enjoying other activities instead of fixating on their phones.

Is Myflexbot Worth the Subscription Fee?

Is Myflexbot Worth the Subscription Fee?

It charges either a monthly subscription of $19.99 or an annual plan for $129. For some drivers this may seem pricey considering the Flex blocks themselves do not always pay that well. Experienced drivers who rely heavily on Amazon Flex delivering as a significant source of income may feel the benefits outweigh the cost.

If the program helps secure additional blocks each week that otherwise likely would have been missed. Those extra earnings could exceed the subscription amount. Even gaining just one extra block per month could make the service worthwhile for regular drivers. It depends on individual driving patterns and how much value is placed on time versus the subscription cost.

The Advantages of Myflexbot

  • Automation of Tasks: Myflexbot automates repetitive and mundane tasks freeing up time for users to focus on more important and creative activities.
  • Increased Efficiency: By handling tasks quickly and consistently Myflexbot can significantly boost productivity and reduce the likelihood of human errors.
  • Scalability: Myflexbot can easily scale to manage a large volume of tasks making it suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises.

The Disadvantages of Myflexbot

  • Security Risks: Automated bots can be vulnerable to hacking and unauthorized access potentially compromising sensitive data.
  • Dependency on Stable Internet Connection: MyFlexBot requires a reliable internet connection to function properly. Any connectivity issues can disrupt its performance and reliability.
  • Maintenance and Updates: Regular maintenance and updates are necessary to keep the bot functioning optimally. This can require additional resources and time from the user.

Experienced Drivers May Benefit From More Blocks

Experienced Amazon Flex Drivers know how quickly popular blocks get swooped up. Hot times like weekday evenings and weekends fill within seconds. Myflexbot gives these veterans a better shot at blocks they might otherwise miss.

While some new drivers catch blocks just by persistence experienced contractors have busier schedules with less time to refresh the app hour after hour. For drivers doing this full time who want to maximize their hours it can truly help secure a noticeable number of additional deliveries each month. Even tacking on just one or two extra blocks per week translates to big increases in annual income.

Opportunity to Increase Flexibility and Income

On top of more blocks and cash it also allows drivers to boost flexibility potential through Amazon Flex. By making it simpler to grab last minute blocks without much effort it empowers those who want work but don’t know their schedule far in advance.

FreelancingExplore freelance opportunities in fields like writing, design or coding.
Gig Economy PlatformsJoin platforms like Uber Lyft or Door Dash for flexible earning options.
Remote WorkSeek remote jobs that offer flexibility in working hours and location.
Online SellingStart an e-commerce business selling products or services online.

With automated alerts a driver who just has 3 free hours can take a block without stalking the app beforehand hoping it shows up on their own. It also shows drivers income projections based on their current bookings. This helps identify slow periods to target more deliveries. Some use these earnings insights along with the notification/booking features to steadily raise their monthly take home.

Not Necessarily Worth it For Occasional Drivers

Not Necessarily Worth it For Occasional Drivers

On the other hand occasional Flex drivers may deliver only a few times per month if that. They aren’t around to get notifications as frequently and don’t rely on income from Amazon deliveries alone.

For these drivers, spending close to $20 month just doesn’t make financial sense in many cases. They are less likely to get truly worthwhile use out of the automated features to justify ongoing subscription fees. While notifications may help hook more blocks irregular drivers aren’t available to capitalize on alerts as regularly.

Alternatives to Myflexbot for Finding Blocks

For drivers wanting help finding Amazon Flex blocks but who don’t want another monthly bill some alternatives to Myflexbot exist. Community Facebook groups allow sharing of available openings. It’s not as instant as push alerts. The Amazon Flex Netbot browser extension can check for openings but won’t book on your behalf.

Drivers could periodically search online block board scans though these may not catch all available slots. While no substitute provides the full range of automated features as Myflexbot these free options still help in the block hunting process to some degree.

Reviews From Current Myflexbot Users

Myflexbot seems to garner positive reactions based on user reviews. One driver said It seriously saved me. I was getting frustrated constantly watching the app now I just get notifications. Very happy with it. Another wrote After a month using this it got me so many more blocks than I was seeing on my own.

Paid for itself right away. A few users also cautioned it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get every block it’s still first come first served once notified. But most agreed it’s helped them work better hours and utilize downtime versus just staring at the app. Overall it appears to deliver on its core promise of enhancing the block finding experience for Amazon Flex contractors.

Frequently Ask Question

Myflexbot offers either a monthly subscription for $19.99 per month or an annual plan for $129 per year.

A subscription provides automated notifications when new blocks are available, as well as the ability to automatically book blocks on a driver’s behalf. It also offers earnings projections and analytics.

Yes, setting up Myflexbot just requires linking your Amazon Flex credentials. It then runs silently in the background without much other interaction needed.

Drivers can opt for either a monthly $19.99 recurring subscription or pay $129 annually upfront for the whole year.


Myflexbot aims to streamline the process of finding and securing delivery blocks through the Amazon Flex platform. For experienced drivers who consistently deliver large volumes the program appears to deliver on enhancing their experience through automated features. The time savings and potential increased earnings may outweigh the monthly subscription. Occasional drivers should assess if the benefits justify ongoing costs for their needs.

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