Social Media Girl: Learn Email Marketing Skills To Advance 

A social media user is a female who is very engaged on social platforms. She often shares imagery and notices regarding her existence with her numerous online supporters. Remaining interlinked through likes and comments is significant to the social media girl. In summary, being well known for social media is a major piece of herself.

Requests | Social Media Girl

The social media girl scrolls through her notifications again hoping to see some new likes or comments. She refreshes Instagram wishing more people would view her lively photos from the party last night. Even a simple smiley emoji would boost her mood after a dreary morning. All she wants is for her online acquaintances to engage with her curated highlight reel. A few more taps and 

My Social Media Girl

My social media girl spends hours each day crafting her online image. With filters and flattering angles she maintains a highlight reel I rarely see in reality. Her strategic posts gain likes that validate all her efforts. I often wonder what she hopes to find amid the notifications and comments. Does she feel fulfilled or simply crave more approval from anonymous observers? Beneath the curated facade