Instagram Story Viewer: Best 4 Websites For Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram stories can be entertaining to view but you may want anonymity when spying on friends or interests. The good news is that there are websites that allow you to watch Instagram stories without needing an account or revealing yoentity. This guide reviews 4 of the best third-party Instagram story viewer websites that let you anonymously browse stories in 2020 without alerting the original poster.

Instagram Story Viewer By Peepstories

Peepstories is a simple website that allows users to anonymously view Instagram stories without an account. It works by typing or pasting the username of the account you want to view. The site will then display all of their public stories that are available to see. Peepstories loads quickly and has a clean interface that makes it easy to browse through stories without distractions. it cannot replay expired stories older than 24 hours.

Some users enjoy Peepstories because it doesn’t require signing up or logging in. The streamlined design focuses only on displaying stories so viewers can remain anonymous. The trade off is reduced functionality compared to apps with more features. Peepstories gets the job done for quick direct viewing of public stories in a discreet manner.

Instagram Story Viewer By Insviewer: Reliability Meets Simplicity

Instagram Story Viewer By Insviewer: Reliability Meets Simplicity

Insviewer is another reliable website for viewing Instagram stories anonymously from any web browser. It works similar to Peepstories by having users type or paste the username of the account they want to see. Insviewer has a refresh button to update the recent stories and check for new content.

Some users appreciate how stable and straightforward Insviewer is. The website is fast, simple to navigate and gets right to showing stories without unnecessary bells and whistles. Maintaining a reliable and discrete viewing experience is useful for users who want to glance at stories inbetween tasks.  like Peepstories Insviewer also cannot replay expired stories older than 24 hours.

Storyspy Anonymous Viewer

StorySpy stands out from other anonymous viewers since it offers the ability to replay expired Instagram stories up to 96 hours in the past. After entering the username StorySpy displays a timeline that users can scroll through to see older stories and watch them. It even displays the date and time each story was originally posted.

Using StorySpy allows viewers more flexibility in catching up on past story content than viewers limiting to only the last 24 hours. Some argue this added functionality could risk the anonymity depending on who may notice the viewing. StorySpy does not directly notify the account owner of views.

While StorySpy provides extra features over simpler viewers the expanded capabilities require more effort to use. Users must scroll through the timeline rather than just seeing the most recent stories displayed. The extended playback period comes at the expense of more user interaction to view older posts.

Ghosty Story Viewer: Watching Without A Whisper

Ghosty provides an anonymous Instagram story viewing experience through both its website and mobile applications. It works similarly to other viewers by entering the username and then displaying all available stories. What differentiates Ghosty is its focus on complete invisibility while viewing profiles.

Ghosty takes measures to ensure accounts are not notified by not leaving any traces or fingerprints of visits. It aims to make viewing as discreet as possible which some find comforting. Others argue true invisibility is impossible and heavy privacy emphasis could be masking other motives.

Still for users seeking the highest levels of anonymity Ghosty delivers a seamless browsing experience across platforms. Both aesthetically simple and technologically opaque it allows dipping in and out of accounts without a trace. Some find this anonymity critical to discretion while it may worry others less concerned with invisibility.

Expanding Your Toolkit: Combining Apps For Enhanced Anonymity

Expanding Your Toolkit: Combining Apps For Enhanced Anonymity
  • Using multiple apps together can boost your online privacy and anonymity.
  • Different apps specialize in certain anonymity features like masking identity or location.
  • By mixing apps you gain a more well rounded set of protections than any single app.
  • Here are some popular app combinations that enhance online anonymity:
CombinationApp 1PurposeApp 2Purpose
MessagingTor BrowserHide IP addressSignalEnd-to-end encryption for calls/texts
SearchingDuckDuckGoPrivate search without trackingVPNMask physical location
Social MediaFirefox Container TabsIsolate browser fingerprintFirefox FocusClear all traces after browsing

Rather than using just one anonymous Instagram story viewer combining multiple tools can add more layers of privacy protection. Bouncing between apps and sites makes tracking activity more difficult. For example viewing the same profile on different days using various viewers leaves less of a digital fingerprint.

Jumping from an app to the mobile web version of a viewer or alternating between a few trusted sites helps scatter online behavior. Outsiders have a harder time discerning habits or building usage profiles this way. While any single app claims to be anonymous redundancy strengthens deniability through diversity.

Of course complete anonymity cannot be guaranteed online. But augmenting discretion with unpredictability adds plausible distance between digital actions and real identities. Mixed approaches allow benefiting from multiple features while still prioritizing under the radar viewing overall. Combining the approaches provides a balanced toolkit for maintaining privacy.

Instagram Story Viewer Tips For Maintaining Your Privacy

Here are some easy tips for maintaining your privacy when viewing Instagram stories:

  1. Disable story views in your own account settings. Go to your profile, tap the three lines in the top right, go to Settings and toggle off Story Views so others can’t see who viewed your stories.
  2. Turn off last seen and online status. Go to your profile settings and toggle off Show activity status so people can’t see when you were last active.
  3. Don’t allow direct messages from accounts you don’t follow. Go to settings and toggle off Messages under Messages from people you follow so only people you follow can message you.
  4. Use a second Instagram profile for viewing stories anonymously. Create a fake profile with no profile photo or followers just for viewing stories without affecting your main profile.
  5. Turn off story comments. Go to your story settings and toggle off Allow Story Comments so people can’t interact with you in stories.
  6. View stories on desktop without an account. Open Instagram stories on a computer browser without logging in to view stories anonymously.
  7. Watch out for screenshot notifications. Viewers may screenshot stories so be aware screenshots could reveal you viewed a story.


What is the Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer? 

Ghosty is often recommended as the best anonymous Instagram story viewer.

How to view Insta Stories Anonymously? 

You can use websites like Ghosty Insviewer or Peepstories to view Instagram stories anonymously without an account.

What Website allows you to see Instagram Stories? 

Websites like Ghosty Insviewer Peepstories and StorySpy allow you to see Instagram stories without an account.

How to use Ghostify? 

To use Ghostify simply install the browser extension and login anonymously to view Instagram profiles and stories without the account owner knowing.


Instagram Story Viewer: Best 4 Websites For Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously provide a straightforward way to peek at stories without notifying the owner. While complete anonymity isn’t assured these websites allow for discreet viewing of public Instagram stories if used sparingly. They are best suited for occasional checks rather than constant tracking of others.

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