Geekzilla Radio is an online platform that explores the growing intersection between geek culture and emerging technology trends. For over a decade the podcast has brought together enthusiasts from various subcultures to discuss the latest in movies comics gaming and innovations shaping our increasingly digital world. This 

Geekzilla Radio: Exploring The Nexus Of Geek Culture and Tech Trend

Geekzilla Radio started in 2010 as a small podcast based in San Francisco. It was founded by Jane Smith an avid tech and sci fi enthusiast. She started the podcast to connect with other fans of gaming  science fiction and emerging technologies. She hosted the first few episodes by herself discussing the latest movie and game releases. The podcast grew popular amongst geeky communities 

Background of Geekzilla Radio

Geekzilla Radio expanded outside California in its second year. Fans from other states in the US and overseas contacted Jane wanting to discuss local events. She recruited more volunteers who hosted shows catering to varied interests and regions. By 2015 it had monthly listener base of over 500,000 as its popularity surged internationally. Jane incorporated the show as a company and hired full time staff to 

Growth and Popularity