Top 10 Fintechzoom Best Neobanks in 2024

The rise of neobanks has transformed digital banking and financial services in recent years providing customers with convenient mobile first alternatives to traditional banks. As more tech savvy users adopt these newer banking models, compiling the top players annually serves as a useful guide for those interested in these innovations. This article explores FintechZoom’s ranking of the Top 10 Best Neobanks in 2024 identifying companies leading the way in this rapidly evolving segment of financial technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Neobanks are digital only banking alternatives that offer many of the same services as traditional banks via mobile and web apps.
  • Fintechzoom’s ranking identifies the 10 neobanks expected to lead the market and see significant growth in customer base and offerings in 2024.
  • European neobanks like N26 Revolut and Monzo currently dominate the top spots due to early adoption in their home markets.
  • Also neobanks with a strong focus on the US consumer market like Chime and Varo are rising up the rankings.
  • Features like budgeting tools, spending insights, fee free overseas spending and high interest savings accounts are driving more customers to neobanks.
  • Those ranked highest demonstrate consistent innovation, security, customer experience and financial support services beyond basic transactions.
  • The future of banking is increasingly digital first positioning the top neobanks on Fintechzoom’s 2024 list for continued growth and competitive advantage.

Top 10 Best Neobanks in 2024 According to Fintechzoom

The Fintechzoom industry has seen a rise in digital only challenger banks or neobanks in recent years that are looking to disrupt the traditional banking model.

These neobanks are taking advantage of new technologies like open banking APIs and mobile apps to offer convenient banking services to customers without the hindrances of physical branches.

As more consumers adopt digital first banking it has become increasingly important for prospective customers to identify which neobanks offer the best features and user experience. Here are the top 10 Fintechzoom Best Neobanks according to this research platform


Revolut is a digital neobank headquartered in London that launched in 2015 and has over 18 million customers worldwide. It offers commission free stock trading cryptocurrency purchases and multi currency accounts. Revolut holds a European banking license and has expanded beyond Europe into the US and other markets.


Chime is one of the largest neobanks in the US serving over 12 million customers. It offers basic banking services like checking accounts and savings accounts with no account fees. Chime has had rapid growth since its founding in 2013 by catering to American families through features like budgeting tools and low cost international money transfers.



N26 is a German digital bank founded in 2013 that has expanded across Europe. It has over 10 million customers with a focus on millennials and Generation Z.

N26 offers multi currency accounts free usage abroad and a joint account option. Its coral pink debit card has become a recognizable brand. Customers conduct all their banking through N26’s highly rated mobile app.

Starling Bank

Starling Bank is a UK digital challenger bank founded in 2014 that has over 3.5 million customers. It offers a range of personal and business accounts with features like budgeting tools, savings pots and joint accounts through its mobile app. Starling Bank focuses on social and environmental responsibility through programs like carbon tracking and ESG investing options.


Monzo is a UK digital bank founded in 2015 notable for its innovative hot coral debit cards. It has over 5 million customers who are attracted to its sleek mobile app experience and optional features like savings pots budgets and spend tracking. Monzo continues to introduce new banking services while maintaining a simple and easy to use interface.


Varo is a US digital bank that launched nationally in 2019 focusing on financially underserved populations. It is one of the first neobanks to receive a full US banking license and offers checking accounts and early direct deposit access. Varo emphasizes financial literacy and tools to help customers learn healthy saving and spending habits through its mobile app.


Current is an American neobank targeting Gen Z and millennial audiences who want banking built for their generation. Founded in 2018 it offers a debit card fully functional mobile banking app 1% APR on balances under $10k and up to 2% cash back rewards. Current is committed to community investing and financial inclusion for all through innovative products and services.


TransferWise is a global money transfer service that can also function as a digital bank depending on the country. Founded in 2011 and based in London it has disrupted international money transfers through its significantly lower exchange rates compared to traditional banks. TransferWise offers multi currency accounts and a physical debit card in select regions.


Aspiration is an environmentally and socially responsible neobank founded in 2015 in the US. In addition to standard banking services through its app Aspiration offers customers the ability to choose investments aligned with their values through screened ESG funds. Aspiration is carbon negative, donates 1% of profits to charity and commits to transparency through annual impacts reports.


Chanty is a female founded neobank aiming to empower women through banking. Based in Berlin it launched in 2021 and offers expense tracking savings goals and 1% interest on deposits. Unique features include collaborative money management between joint account holders. Chanty focuses on product simplicity and community for women through its mobile app experience.

FintechZoom | A glossary entry

FintechZoom is a popular website that provides reviews, rankings and insights into financial technology (fintech) businesses and digital banking. Areas of coverage include payments investments, blockchain personal finance tools (neobanks) and more.

FintechZoom utilizes a methodology that analyzes companies based on criteria like customer growth, innovation, customer experience and other factors to determine top lists like their annual ranking of the best neobanks.

FintechZoom at a Glance

  • Founded in 2013 and headquartered in London.
  • Publishes annual reports on top industries, companies trends within fintech.
  • Evaluates over 500 fintech startups across 70+ categories.
  • Reaches an audience of over 5 million users monthly.
  • Written by a global team of fintech experts and analysts.
  • Provides helpful comparisons and explanations for consumers exploring fintech options.

What are Neobanks?

Neobanks are a type of digital bank that only exists online or via mobile apps with no physical bank branches. Also called challenger banks they provide banking services primarily focused on checking accounts, savings accounts and digital payments.

Unlike traditional banks neobanks are built entirely around the digital and mobile experience offering unique features like budgeting tools and spending analytics. Popular neobanks include Revolut N26 Chime Varo Aspiration.

Neobanks at a Glance

  • Online only financial institutions.
  • Conduct all business through websites and mobile apps.
  • Provide standard banking services like payments savings checking.
  • Often target tech savvy demographic groups.
  • Focus on digital convenience intuitive apps and unique features.
  • No physical branches or ATM networks lower overhead than traditional banks.
  • Fast growth in active users as more adopt digital and mobile banking.
  • First established in Europe but expanding globally including United States.

Best Practices that Set Neobanks Apart in Fintech Industry

FintechZoom carefully evaluates neobanks based on metrics like:

  • Customer growth over time
  • Product innovation (new features services offered)
  • Ease of use and strength of mobile/digital experience
  • Financial inclusion efforts
  • Societal impact (charitable giving ESG options)
  • Security practices
  • Speed and reliability

Analysis of Best Practices

Analysis of Best Practices

Through indepth research FintechZoom identifies best practices that leading neobanks employ such as:

  • Seamless convenient user interfaces.
  • Real time notifications of account activity.
  • Personalized financial advice and budgeting tools.
  • Early direct deposit access for customers.
  • Investment services like stock trading alongside banking.
  • Payment processing for online businesses.
  • Loan services at competitive rates.

Markswebb can help you Discover the Best Neobank Practices

For consumers exploring financial technology options FintechZoom is a valuable independent resource. Their experts test and evaluate neobanks to uncover industry leading standards in areas like product design, customer experience and more. Contact us to learn how we can assist your research into the top neobanks and their key differentiators.

So why is FintechZoom so popular?

With over 5 million monthly readers FintechZoom has become the top independent portal for learning about fintech due to several factors:

  • In depth jargon free reporting by specialists in digital banking and finance.
  • Valuable comparisons of financial services side by side.
  • Authoritative rankings and reviews validated by FintechZoom methodology.
  • Timely coverage of emerging areas like crypto blockchain and more.
  • Insights into latest innovations that reshape money management.
  • Responsive website and intuitive mobile experience.
  • Helpful guides for both tech savvy and novice audiences exploring fintech.

FintechZoom fills the need for reliable comprehensive research and analysis on rapidly changing financial technology services to help individuals make informed decisions.

Top Neobanks of 2024

Top Neobanks of 2024

Based on FintechZoom’s analysis of criteria like growth features popularity and user experience here are their top neobanks for 2024:

  1. Revolut Pioneer digital multi currency account provider and global expansion leader.
  2. Chime Dominant US neobank with strong appeal to budget conscious families.
  3. N26 Popular in Europe with joint accounts, multicurrency and recognizable brand.
  4. Starling Bank UK leader in ESG investing carbon neutrality and community banking.
  5. Monzo Iconic coral cards and continued innovation through sleek user interface.
  6. Varo Growing fast in US through focus on financial literacy for underserved groups.
  7. Current Attractive Gen Z/millennial perks with competitive interest rates.
  8. TransferWise Disrupting international wires with billions transacted at much lower fees.
  9. Aspiration Environmentally and socially responsible products growing customer base.
  10. Chanty Unique women-focused collaborative features gaining traction in Europe.

The Evolution and Challenges of FintechZoom and Neobanks

The fintech and neobank industries have evolved rapidly since 2010 driven by smartphone adoption, new regulations and demand for more digital convenience and cheaper alternatives to traditional banking models. This section explores some of the key developments and future prospects:

Key developments

  • Early European neobanks like Revolut and N26 expanding into new markets.
  • First US neobanks receive banking charters fueling growth and new services.
  • Mobile features advances like improved budgeting tools and notifications.
  • Venture capital investment drives innovation in products and personalization.
  • Emerging areas like cryptocurrency become more mainstream offerings.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Regulatory hurdles slowing US expansion for some international players.
  • Customer acquisition costs rise as markets mature in Europe.
  • Demonstrating long term sustainability of free business models.
  • Maintaining high reliability as user bases rapidly expand worldwide.
  • Security threats evolve necessitating continued system upgrades.

Future prospects

  • Further branching out into loan investment and insurance products globally.
  • Partnerships between fintechs and traditional banks gaining momentum.
  • Increased specialization addressing niche communities and lifestyles.
  • Banking ecosystems integrating seamlessly into daily consumer experiences.
  • Cryptocurrency continues disruptions as regulations provide more clarity.


N26 is Europe’s largest neobank.

Revolut is widely considered the best neo bank.

Stripe is often cited as the top company in the fintech industry currently.

The future of neobanks looks bright as more users embrace mobile first banking over traditional brick and mortar banks.


The fintech industry has seen significant growth and innovation in the neobanking sector over the past few years. Many startups are now offering services traditionally provided by top legacy banks making banking much more digital and convenient for customers. As more customers embrace online and mobile banking the Top 10 Fintechzoom Best Neobanks in 2024 listed here are well positioned for further growth and success by meeting evolving consumer demands through their mobile first approach and customer centric products and services.

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