Snapchat Planets | A Guide to Snapchat’s Friend’s Solar System

Snapchat creates a cool way to see your friends like a solar system. The besties you talk with daily are the planets close to your star. Friends you chat with often are medium distance planets. Acquaintances you message sometimes are farther planets. The ones you rarely speak with are very far planets on the edge. This planetary view helps you understand your different friendships visually on Snapchat.

Key Takeaways

  • Snapchat features a unique Friendship Solar System representing each user’s friends as planets orbiting their profile picture.
  • Outer planets show less frequent engagement.
  • Planet characteristics like color, size and phases offer additional clues about qualities like how long you’ve been friends and who sends more snaps.
  • Snapchat Plus allows users to view their solar system as well as access friends’ systems to see where their planet is located.
  • Planet placement within a friend’s system reveals their perspective on the closeness of your friendship and interaction patterns.
  • Each solar system depicted in a user’s profile is unique based on the individual users unique friendship experiences and social connections with their Snapchat friends within Snapchat.
  • It provides an interactive and fun way to understand friendships beyond traditional lists through the astronomical metaphor of orbiting planets.

What is the Friendship Solar System?

What is the Friendship Solar System?

Each friend is shown as a different planet orbiting around your profile picture sun. It gives you insight into your friendships right on your profile through this interactive astronomical feature.

Snapchat Planets: Order and Meaning (2024)

Each planet type in a Friendship Solar System symbolized in one’s Snapchat planets order best friends symbolizes different friendship qualities and communication patterns. Understanding the potential Snapchat planets meaning can be helpful. Here’s a guide to decoding planet placements:


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Friends with Mercury planets have very active back-and-forth Snapping where many messages are exchanged daily. These fast-moving Mercury relationships represent deep digital bonds.


Venus friends orbit a bit farther from the sun. Their planets are often yellow orange tones. This placement means one person does more of the messaging initiation. But Venus friendships still involve regular chatting where one friend may guide discussion more than the other.


Central Earth planets symbolize balanced friendships. Messaging traffic flows smoothly in both directions between friends. Snaps are sent liberally and welcomed warmly keeping the relationship evenly engaged on both sides.


Reddish Martian planets indicate the chat dynamic is tilted toward one person as the more active sender. However their messages are still frequently received and appreciated by the other party. Steady one way Snapping sustains these strong bonds.


Massive gas giant Jupiter planets signify old friendships that have lasted years within the Friendship Solar System. Though daily connecting may not occur deep care and history link these longtime companions.


Orbiting beyond Jupiter Saturn represents busy adult friendships. Professions families or distances now impact chat frequency compared to lifelong bonding’s earlier seasons. But memories and goodwill endure between occasional digital catchups.


A rarely spotted blue and green Uranus planet depicts extremely sporadic messaging between friends now leading very separate lives outside Snapchat. Infrequent contact reminds me of past closeness despite the current separation.


Neptunian planets on the systems outskirts symbolize friendships now all but disconnected. Snapchat records that former vibrant bonds now drifted apart by diverging paths and lack of interaction over time. Distance sadly truly exists within these remote relationships.

Checking your Planet

To learn where you fall in a friend’s Friendship Solar System simply visit their profile on Snapchat. A rotating model displays planetary friend placement and properties. Decode cues about your connection levels to gain insight into that persons perceptions and patterns related to your online friendship.

Friend Solar System is a Fun Snapchat+ Feature

Snapchat constantly introduces innovative ways to interact within the app. Unique for each user friend planets provide insights not found on generic contact lists. It makes friendships feel alive and dynamic each time the solar animation featured in the Friend Solar System on Snapchat spins.

How to access your solar system?

To view your Friend’s Solar System just open your Snapchat profile. In the top header will be a rotating orbital diagram of your friends as planets orbiting your profile picture sun. Tap any planet to learn more about that friend things like total Snaps sent/received and the date of your first interaction.

You can also visit a friend’s profile to see where your planet resides in their unique solar system. Playfully peer into friendship networks through this fun astronomical Snapchat feature.

How does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work?

How does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work?

The system used in Snapchat’s Friends Solar System uses algorithmic analysis of Snaps, Chats, and other interactions between a user and their friends. From this data it determines each friendships traits and position. Closer planets mean very active back and forth chatting. Those further out have less frequent exchanges. 

Planet properties like color and size denote traits like frequency of sent/received Snaps and length of the friendship within Snapchats Friends Solar System. As bonds evolve so might planets migrate or change hues over time within this continuously updated representation of real connections within the network.

Finding Your Planet in a Friend’s Solar System

To discover your status on a friend’s best friends list start by making sure they have Snapchat Plus too for solar system access. Then follow these steps:

  • Go to your friend’s Snapchat profile by tapping their name or icon.
  • Near the top of their page a rotating solar system will display planets orbiting a central profile picture sun.
  • Scan the system for a planet labeled with your Bitmoji or first name.
  • Note the planets location closer inner planets indicate stronger bonds while outer planets mean less frequent contact from their view.
  • Also observe the planet’s traits like color phase and relative size to others for additional clues about your friendship strength in their internal algorithm analysis.
  • Take a moment to appreciate the unique way Snapchat visualizes connections between users and how their interpretation of you may vary from your view of the relationship.

By interpreting planet data Snapchat Plus subscribers can gain entertaining insight into how others perceive closeness within their social network featured as a beautifully depicted digital Friendship Solar System. It offers a creative new perspective beyond traditional best friend rankings.

How to see where you are on Someone Best Friends list with Snapchat Plus?

How to see where you are on Someone Best Friends list with Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus allows users to view unique Friendship Solar Systems depicting an individual’s connections. By visiting a friend’s profile visible with Snapchat Plus their rotating solar system can be scanned. The location and features of a planet labeled with your name provide clues to how your bond ranks within their perceived social network. Regularly checking planetary placement offers an entertaining perspective on how others interpret friendship strength differently than yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, only Snapchat Plus subscribers can see planets within their own and others’ solar systems.

No, planets are generated automatically based on algorithm analysis of your friendships online.

Yes, as friendships evolve in real life and digital interactions planets may shift placement or properties to accurately reflect relationship changes.

The special access to Friend Solar Systems is removed and planets will no longer be viewable within the app.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat Planets: A Guide to Snapchat’s Friend’s Solar System is a creative and fun way for users to visualize their friendships on the platform. By representing connections as a solar system with closest friends as inner planets and more distant friends as outer planets the Snapchat has made social relationships more easy to understand and explore. This new feature provides users insight into how their different friendships compare through an innovative planetary metaphor.

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