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Pikruos is a leading provider of business assistance and consultancy services to small and medium sized enterprises globally. Their mission is to empower entrepreneurs and help businesses unlock their full potential through tailored solutions and bespoke support.

The Genesis of Pikruos

Founded in 2005 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and business coaches. It was established to provide SMEs with the innovative strategies tools and guidance needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive commercial landscape. With headquarters in London they have since expanded internationally and now boast a global client network spanning over 50 countries.

What Makes Pikruos Services Unique?

It prides itself on offering a highly personalized approach to business consulting. Their team of experts takes the time to deeply understand each clients unique goals, challenges and industry to design bespoke support packages.

All services are tailored to maximize results through focused coaching leadership development programs and digital marketing strategies finely attuned to driving new business and unlocking growth.

Benefits of Using Pikruos Services

Benefits of Using Pikruos Services

There are many benefits for businesses who partner with Pikruos including:

  • Data-driven digital marketing strategies to boost visibility and sales
  • Tailored coaching to develop strong leadership skills and clarify business vision
  • Consultations to help navigate challenges and capitalize on new opportunities
  • Expert assistance in securing funding, partners and talent as the company scales everything

Services Offered by Pikruos

Some of the core services provided by Pikruos include:

  • Business consulting: Advising on issues like strategic planning, operational restructuring, risk management etc.
  • Marketing strategy: Devising digital and traditional marketing trends and plans to meet sales goals
  • Mentorship: Connecting clients to experienced industry mentors for ongoing guidance
  • Funding advisory: Support securing crypto investments, grants and loans for growth initiatives

Types of Services Offered by Pikruos

It divides its offerings into four main categories to cater to clients at different stages:

Startup acceleratorIntensive programs supporting entrepreneurs in the ideation phase.
Growth acceleratorHelping fast growing companies scale through strategic guidance and resources.
SME consultancyProviding ongoing advisory for established small and medium businesses.
Executive CoachingLeadership and professional development services for C Suite executives.

Pikruos: A Closer Look at the Team

It maintains a highly experienced and multidisciplinary global team of over 50 experts across its 12 international offices.

The leadership team is comprised of successful serial entrepreneurs who extensively research emerging issues and opportunities to constantly evolve their offerings. It also draws upon a vast network of over 500 mentors and advisors worldwide to give clients access to an unparalleled wealth of expertise and perspectives.

Case Studies: Success Stories with Pikruos

Case Studies: Success Stories with Pikruos

It has worked with thousands of businesses at various stages of growth. Here are a few highlights:

  • Amsterdam Foods: An artisanal foods brand that saw 280% revenue growth after a 12 month acceleration program
  • MedRxin: An early stage medtech startup that successfully raised £750K Series A funding with Its strategic and pitch support
  • Mimic: A 40 person ed tech company that underwent consultation to refine their go to market strategy and launch in 5 new markets
  • Santé: A chain of organic cafes that partnered with it to develop systems enabling nationwide scaling without compromising quality or service

Pikruos Role in Economic Development

As a champion of entrepreneurship they seeks to fuel broader economic growth by empowering SMEs who collectively form the lifeblood of local communities and national economies. Some ways they contribute include:

  • Job creation: By helping businesses succeed and expand, it supports the sustainable employment of thousands worldwide. For example, one in seven jobs in the UK are generated by SMEs.
  • Skills development: Their leadership programs equip entrepreneurs with crucial marketable skills like strategic visioning and team management that ripple outwards.
  • Innovation: Many of its clients introduce breakthrough innovations through expertise in fields like science, technology and healthcare that drive social progress.
  • Investment attraction: Successful exits and high growth companies attract more capital into business ecosystems and communities to sustain economic activity.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion: It proudly works with diverse founders building businesses that create inclusive opportunities locally and globally.

Understanding the Pikruos Approach

At the core of its methodology lies empathic listener led frameworks rather than prescribed models. Consultants first immerse themselves in each client’s unique reality through discovery focused engagements to create customized blueprints.

Central to this is a focus on the human aspects of business like culture, leadership and team wellbeing alongside financial targets. Regular check ins ensure support remains current and impactful.

It also leverages its extensive digital news, research and global facilitation resources. For example advisory is enriched by benchmark data while cross border partners aid expansion plans. Their methodology cultivates resilience ownership and business as unusual’ problem solving approaches.

The Future of Business Assistance with Pikruos

Plans include 5 new international offices by 2025 alongside augmented offerings like:

  • Expanded peer networks and communities connecting clients across industries and borders
  • An online platform centralizing resources webinars and an AI business assistant
  • Rolling out micro consulting and on demand services for fast affordable advice
  • Customized acceleration programs around high growth sectors like fintech, health tech and cleantech

It is also investing in R&D initiatives applying predictive analytics AR/VR and other innovations to further personalize the client experience and scale their social mission of empowering 10,000 entrepreneurs annually by 2030.

Unlocking the Power of Pikruos.com

Unlocking the Power of Pikruos.com

In addition to their acclaimed business consulting expertise they now offers clients an easy to use yet robust website building platform at pikruos.com. Here are some key features:

Empowering your Online Presence

It understands the importance of a powerful online presence. Their platform empowers anyone to create a professionally designed website suited to their unique brand and needs without technical knowledge.

Seamless User Experience

The drag and drop interface yields an intuitive experience where visitors effortlessly navigate informative pages through clean UI and UX prioritizing key messaging.

Dynamic Content Creation

A visual editor lets users stylize text, embed multimedia and track analytics all accessible from any device. Dynamic page types from blogs to galleries to landing pages can be added and modified with a few clicks.

Robust Analytics

Actionable insights keep sites agile through built in analytics tracking metrics like traffic sources, top pages, conversions and more to test optimizations. Real time metrics populate easy to read dashboards.

Community Engagement

Comments, forums, newsletter signups and social integration foster conversation and valuable first party data collection to strengthen customer relationship

Frequently Asked Questions

It offers a range of business consulting, coaching, training and digital services to support entrepreneurs and SMEs at all stages of growth.

You can book a free discovery session on the Pikruos website to discuss your goals and needs. This helps their experts recommend the most suitable package or program.

Yes, it caters to startups and micro businesses through its affordable startup program as well as high growth SMEs and larger organizations through customized consultancy packages.

Templates, widgets and an intuitive editor take the pain out of design and make updates simple.

Pikruos.com provides a range of e-commerce integrations and features required to set up an online storefront directly from the site like product pages, carts and secure payment processing.

It offers a Plugin Marketplace where users can browse, install and manage additional functionality from applications like CRM systems, shipping calculators and more to extend the core capabilities of their websites seamlessly.

Its websites are protected by SSL encryption, regular security updates, DDoS mitigation, firewalls and activity monitoring.


Pikruos.com is a versatile platform offering a wide array of services and products tailored to meet diverse needs. Whether you are seeking cutting-edge technology, fashion essentials or everyday household items. Pikruos.com provides a seamless shopping experience with user-friendly navigation and competitive pricing. The site’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through its efficient delivery system and responsive support team. It makes it a reliable choice for online shoppers.

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