What Does Tst* Mean On Your Credit Card Statement?

Have you ever seen the letters TST* on your credit card statement and wondered what it meant? You’re not alone this temporary authorization hold code is confusing to many people at first glance. TST

What is a TST charge?

TST stands for Toast Secure Transaction. It is a temporary authorization hold that Toast a point of sale company places on a credit card. The hold is usually for the amount of a purchase at a restaurant or store that uses Toast. The actual transaction amount then replaces the hold within a few days. Many customers see TST charges without knowing what

What Is Toast?

Toast is a restaurant platform that offers point of sale (POS) services as well as tools for online ordering delivery guest management and payroll. Restaurants can use Toast’s all in one platform to seamlessly handle sales inventory employee management and more. Customers are familiar with Toast because its name (TST) appears briefly on their credit card statements for online