Unlocking Seamless Collaboration: A Guide To Using Displaynote/Join

As collaboration becomes increasingly important in businesses and classrooms, tools that enable smooth coordination between teams are essential. This guide provides an overview of Displaynote/Join a platform that aims to unlock seamless collaboration.

Key Takeaway

– DisplayNote/Join allows users to share content in real time from any device enabling smooth collaboration. – As the presenter you use DisplayNote to broadcast your screen and content. Participants use Join to view and interact. – Participants have access to annotation tools like drawing text and markups to interact with shared content. – Starting a session involves 

What is Displaynote/Join?

DisplayNote/Join is a cloud based collaboration platform. It allows users to share content from their computer screens in real time. Educators can use DisplayNote to share lessons with students. Employees can use it for remote meetings and training. The platform has two main components. DisplayNote is used to broadcast screens and content. Join is used to view and