Myflexbot Review: Enhancing Your Amazon Flex Experience?

This is where Myflexbot can help enhance the Amazon Flex experience. The program uses automated notifications and bookings to try to secure blocks that may otherwise be missed. Rather

How Does Myflexbot Help Amazon Flex Drivers?

Myflexbot helps Amazon Flex drivers by monitoring the app for available delivery blocks. It watches the app continuously in the background. When an open block appears Myflexbot is immediately notified. This allows drivers to be alerted to blocks more quickly than checking the app manually.

Automated Notifications of Available Blocks

Myflexbot monitors the Amazon Flex app and sends push notifications directly to the driver’s phone. These alerts appear immediately when a new block opens up. The driver receives a message with the details of the available block like the time approximate area and how long they have to book it.

Automatic Bookings Remove the Need to Refresh