In the early days of computing, displaying information on a screen was a significant challenge. As technology advanced, various display technologies emerged each with its unique capabilities and limitations. This blog post will explore the evolution of technology used in old PC monitors tracing their development from mechanical displays to the modern LCD and LED screens we 

Evolution of Technology Used in Old PC Monitor

Mechanical displays and oscilloscope displays were earliest technologies. Teletype displays and monochrome CRT monitors were common in early PCs. Color CRT monitors with graphics modes like CGA, EGA, VGA dominated until flat panels emerged.

Technologies Used in Old Computer Monitor

Mechanical Display

One of the earliest display technologies used in computers was mechanical 

Another early display technology was the oscilloscope display. These displays used a cathode ray tube (CRT) to generate a beam of electrons that could be deflected horizontally and vertically to create images on a phosphor coated screen. Example: The DEC PDP-1 computer introduced in 1959 used an oscilloscope display for its output.

Oscilloscope Display